22 Dec 2009

Middlesex County, New Jersey November Sales Statistics

comparison report

Interested in Real Estate Sales Comparison Statistics for
November, 2009?

Whether you are searching for a home in Middlesex County, considering selling one in Iselin or Colonia, New Jersey or are just curious about home values, obtaining reliable information is important. The information provided is obtained from the Middlesex County Multiple Listing System and is year to date through November, 2009 with comparisons to last year.
View November, 2009 Year to Date Real Estate Sale Statistics in Middlesex County, New Jersey for residential one family homes, condos and townhouses. Real estate values are local, whether the home is in Iselin, New Jersey, Colonia, Edison or in any other Town in Middlesex County.
Home sale prices vary from Town to Town and neighborhood to neighborhood. Obtaining trends in real estate market values is important, but if your needs require a reliable market value estimate, it is recommended that a local REALTOR be called who can provide a comprehensive “Market Analysis” detailing the value of the home. Obtain Market Analysis from David Fialk, REALTOR, Choice Realty Co.
for more detailed reports for 2009 and reports from 2004, View All Middlesex County Sales Data.

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